We were delighted to be interviewed by Tamara Johanna from the FIIT Collective on one of our favourite topics – Diversity and Inclusion.

In this episode of FIIT Collective – Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall provides an overview of her career, and shares insights into how businesses can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Here’s an outline of the episode:

  • Rhonda Brighton-Hall’s global career journey (4:24)
  • Her business MWAH (Making Work Absolutely Human) and what it’s about (9:56)
  • We talk about diversity in the workplace, why it’s important and the ROI for organisations (21:28)
  • Some of the common mistakes made by organisations regarding diversity (23:36)
  • Rhonda shares some inspirational diversity success stories (29:57)
  • We discuss the outcome of the Happy Workers Report (34:02)
  • How privilege plays a big role in creating a diverse workplace (24:54)
  • What the future of diversity inclusion look like (41:03)
  • Rhonda also shares what employees and senior executives can start doing today to close the diversity gap (45:06)