"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients" - Richard Branson 

At the Employee Experience Summit for Clariden Global, Rhonda Brighton-Hall was asked to speak on The Future of Work for Employee Experience.

The Employee Experience Summit brings together a selected group of leading HR Executives and thinkers to explore the future of work.

Rhonda speaks specifically on ‘How Human Technology could be an amazing Enabler.

And how this will affect the future of work for Employee Experience.

The conversation also had a focus on Advanced Analytics, Virtual Reality, Openness and Inclusion.

Topics that Rhonda covered in her presentation:

  • The Future of Work as a whole and how it will affect the employee experience
  • Emerging technology
  • How that changes how we understand each other, how we interact and how we might use physical space
  • What leaders could do with data, if they had good data and knew how to use it
  • How Virtual Reality can be used to expand experience and be more inclusive
  • Creating a greater openness to the world outside the company’s wall
  • Including external networks, partnerships and talent that can’t get into the room

A topic that we are so interested in and love talking about the future of work and Employee Experience to find out more check out our blogs.

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