This panel for the Australian Human Rights Commission was held to promote the ‘Good Practice, Good Business’ Factsheets which provides practical advice on a range of issues within the workplace.

Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall sat on the panel beside Amanda Lear, Troy Roderick, Peter Strong and MC Deborah Knight.

What is the ‘Good Practice, Good Business’ Factsheet?

Business leaders have welcomed the release of a suite of free online resources to assist employers to embrace diversity and prevent discrimination in the workplace.

The Good practice, good business resources provide practical advice on a range of issues including recruitment and retention of older workers, gender equality, sexual harassment, race discrimination, employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, employment of people with disabilities, domestic and family violence, mental illness and supporting carers in the workplace.

Australian Human Resources Institute Board member, Rhonda Brighton-Hall, welcomed the release of Good practice, good business as a practical resource for the business community.

“You don't want to become a doctorate of diversity and inclusion, you just want tools that you can use to open up your workforce,” Ms Brighton-Hall said. “That's exactly what's being provided in these tools. The navigation is simple, the answers are easily found. This is what people want.”

Catherine Hunter, Head of Corporate Citizenship at KPMG said the resources provided much needed guidance to employers.

“The fact that such a credible and important organisation as the Australian Human Rights Commission has issued that guidance I think will be really warmly welcomed by the business community,” Ms Hunter said.

Telstra’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Troy Roderick, said the resources were easy to access and understand.

“They bring what is sometimes considered to be complex issues into the language of business,” Mr Roderick said.

“Importantly, they will enable business to both realise opportunity but manage risk around being more inclusive and valuing difference.”

Council of Small Business of Australia Executive Director, Peter Strong, said employees could also make use of the new resources.

“If they’re having a problem, if they’re thinking about doing something, if they have an interest in that area, they’ll be able to go and have a look at those resources and use them for advantage,” Mr Strong said.

Watch the full panel discussion here: