We are so pleased to introduce you to our newest team member! Meet James.

James Hancock joined mwah. from the corporate world of banking, tech and people.

The formal piece about James and his work

He built his expertise by taking on diverse HR, Strategy and Business Management roles in large global companies.

James has worked in the financial sector – so he can talk you through derivatives and e-trading and the small print in your product PDS.

What we love about James is that he truly understands what motivates and drives people.

He brings deep insight into the why of human behaviour in different work environments.

James started his career in organisational design, development, and talent management.

Finding his niche in customer and employee centred design he used agile and scrum methodologies to help leaders build better performing teams.

He’s worked in Vietnam where, together with an IT team, he led the design and development of a talent management portal.

In Australia at a domestic Institutional bank he helped a cross-functional team to shape a customer-centric digital strategy.

To our clients and community James brings serious intellect to analysing problems and energy to solving them.

James takes time to listen, to get to the heart of a business quickly.

He’s deeply motivated to help leaders create ways of working that make a difference.

To our mwah. team he brings valuable perspectives and a way of challenging the way things are that pushes us all to think harder and do better.

The bit about his Education

His educational background includes a Bachelor in Business and Psychology from Macquarie University, a Certificate IV in HR. James is also a qualified Design Thinker and Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Meet James – Who he really is

If you ever meet James you would know he is a passionate tennis player, a lover of the ocean, and has a serious relationship with cheese.

Courtesy of some gorgeous nieces and nephews, he knows ALL the words to Moana.

He gets married next weekend. (We hope she likes his jokes…and Moana :)).

James is interested in all the humans in the room – and outside of it. Here’s how to contact him if you’d like to know more:

James Hancock



James Hancock

Business Director

Listener | Thinker | Doer

[email protected]