The Formal Piece about Sonja

With over ten years’ experience in senior HR roles across a range of industries.

Sonja is strongly commercially focused with expertise in leadership, culture, organisational design, workplace design, and industrial relations.

She is known for her energy and her pragmatic, creative approach to people and business.

In 2016, Sonja and her team won both the Australian Business Award (for the Leadership Program she developed and implemented) and the Australian HR Award for Best Reward and Recognition Program.

In addition, she (and the team she led) was listed as a finalist in the 2016 AHRI Award for Talent Management.

The bit about her education

Sonja holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (HR & IR), a Master’s Degree in Labour Law and an MBA. She has also worked extensively across Australia and Asia Pacific.

Meet Sonja –  Who Sonja really is

A devoted Inner Westie, Sonja spends her time hopelessly in love with baby Coco and her greyhound Daisy.

You can almost always find her with a long black coffee (There better not be any milk in that coffee!) in her hand and usually wearing at least one item of leopard print.

Sonja Ankucic

Business Director

Energiser | Ideator | Friend

[email protected]