Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall was invited on panel to speak on Quotas and Why they are good for men.

Previous research from The 100% Project has shown that people who oppose gender quotas are more likely to believe that the current system is fair and that in Australia people are paid and promoted based on merit.

However, an increasing body of research is questioning the ‘myth of meritocracy’ and points to the negative effects of this myth for both women and men.

The 100% Project set out to investigate why the meritocracy myth is so entrenched and so difficult to address.

Date: 7th September 2017

Rhonda was joined on the panel by Richard Knox (Head of HR, Asia Pacific at Ashurst), Gina De George (Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Lendlease, Matt Gribble (Regional Managing Director for PageGroup and the conversation was moderated by the Award Winning Journalist, Catherine Fox.