At the latest Surveyor’s Conference, they discuss ‘Delivering Liveable Cities’.  Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall was invited to speak on this topic.

Surveyors across New South Wales continue to benefit from the infrastructure boom in the state. As we gather for our annual conference at Parliament House in June, we would like to extend an invitation to you, or someone from AHRI, to speak to Surveyors about how you see the future of work from a state and national level and how we might prepare for the changes in our profession.

The Association of Consulting Surveyors in NSW (ACS NSW) represents the private sector of the land and spatial surveying profession. Our two hundred private sector member surveying firms, employ hundreds of professionals working on large infrastructure and development projects.

Registered Surveyors define, help manage and protect the space around us. From the smallest plot to multi-million dollar developments, the world in which we live is organised and legal ownership is determined through the expertise of Registered Surveyors. Registered Surveyors are vital to defining and shaping our world and an invaluable asset to unlocking value in every aspect of modern development.

And yet we are facing a significant decline in the number of professional surveyors. With the current average age in our profession of 57, it takes 10 years for us to produce registered surveyors. We have a taskforce in NSW that is focussed on presenting surveying as a viable profession through careers expos and in schools. Surveyors are the first to embrace technology and use drones and GPS devices in their work each day.

A graduate from any course, and often whilst studying, is guaranteed a job in our profession. And yet we are still not attracting enough numbers to fill the work required. This means our current surveyors work much longer hours. They are paid well, and many run their own multi-disciplinary firms with surveying at the core, adding engineering, planning and architecture to their service offering.