We were delighted to be interviewed by Rodney Hobbs for The Business of Experience Podcast on one of our favourite topics – Culture!

It was an absolute pleasure discussing culture this week with my wonderful guest Rhonda Brighton-Hall.

Rhonda Brighton-Hall

Co-Founder/ CEO of mwah.

Rhonda is CEO of mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human, Chair of the AHRI National I&D Reference Panel and Founding Chair of FlexCareers, and is recognised as a game-changer in the future design of organisations, HR, leadership and work.

Having worked, lived, and lectured in Asia, Europe, and the USA, Rhonda is a former AHRI HR Leader of the Year and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

Launched in 2017, mwah. is a determinedly optimistic ThinkTank, Community, and tech business changing the way work works and the designing the future for more of us.