Recent research reveals hundreds of mums are being made redundant.

Losing a job can rock your confidence at the best of times but while you are trying to take care of a baby it can pack an extra punch.

Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall spoke on behalf of FlexCareers alongside, Kylie Ostle, someone who knows first-hand how it is to be a mum being made redundant.

For many there is no warning and it can be a brutal process that can shatter someone’s confidence.

Here are some key snippets from the interview:

It's an epidemic, it's so common but every time you hear someone's story it breaks your heart.

What explanation can you get from employers that can explain why mums are being made redundant?

We’ve had a law since 1984 so it’s not a new concept.

You don’t wake up one day thinking that the law has changed.

What’s happening is that supervisors and managers aren’t trained to manage flexible work.

They are only trained to manage the team as it were.

As soon as someone goes on Maternity leave which is the easiest form of flexible work to manage.

They just find it easier to focus on the person that is there and remove that person that’s currently on the outside

They just decide to keep the person they have in front of them.

“It’s a little bit about out of sight, out of mind”

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