Speaking and writing

We love changing the conversation around people and work. It’s our whole purpose!

Here are some ways we do that more publicly.


We’re frequently asked to speak on conferences as subject matter experts.

We speak on future of work, culture, leadership, diversity, and inclusion, belonging, bullying & HR technology.

We have set fees for speaking. Contact us for details.

That said, we’re also very generous, so if you run an NFP organisation or an event that is helping change the conversation around work and the future of work, we’ll happily consider using our voice to lift the conversation without a fee. We speak once a month without any fee, all aimed at changing the conversation. Contact us and let’s talk about possibilities.


We write on topics we love – which is fundamentally people and work!

We’re often commissioned to write articles for mainstream media, plus we publish a weekly blog. If you’d like to get our weekly Newsletter, please add your email address here.

In addition, we love people with great ideas, so if you’re keen to publish a great idea, or would like us to share an idea you’ve already published, click here and let us know.


We love research! Nothing like the facts and data to challenge a new perspective.

In partnership with academic researchers, we’ve contributed to two game-changing pieces of research so far.

There’s lots of chatter about what makes people happy at work, but this Happy Workers’ Report is the most extensive piece of research ever undertaken in Australia. Based on HILDA data, it boils the data down to three core factors that make us happy, and just a few that detract from happiness.

If we want to design the future of work that works for more of us, we have to know where work is now and where it’s headed. This 2018 Future of Work Research Report from Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre is the most extensive and fact-based review of the trends around work right now!

We also have a range of case studies based on new thinking and work we’re doing.

Our most recent case studies are on:

  • Performance Management (applied to small business)
  • Flexibility (design and implementation)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (moving beyond ‘tick a box’ to true belonging)
  • Talent Management (moving Talent Management to be every leaders’ responsibility)

We also seek out interesting research and share it in our weekly newsletter or on this site so keep an eye out for notifications. We’re always on the hunt for the topics that should be researched too, so let us know if you think there’s data missing that could really help us all change the conversation around work.