We heard you.

In these unprecedented times, we need to have empathy for others, and also, for ourselves.

And that empathy means we need to make some space to reflect, to connect, to move forward.

To do that, we’ve curated some of our best tools, templates and blogs.

We know the demands are big right now – work, life, home, change, family. So each activity only takes a few spare minutes between all that stuff – with a cup of coffee, using technology or just some plain (or colourful) old paper.

It’s organised into three sections.

‘Start here’ is the pathway in, to get your head onto the topic at hand.

‘Got 10 minutes’ takes you a bit deeper with some additional content or a quick activity.

‘Take Action’  brings it all together with an activity you can grab to thoughtfully reflect or connect.

Self Reflection

Self-reflection is about taking a moment to check-in on your wellbeing and on your career experiences (even if it feels a little tricky right now). It’s an opportune time to prioritise you and to pause, look at what matters most to you in work and life, and plot the right way forward.

Start Here  – 10 quick questions to see where your wellbeing is at mwah. wellbeing survey

Got 10 Minutes? – What experiences do you need to have in sunshine, or when skies are a little gloomier?

10 Experiences you should have in your career 

Take Action – Take a first glance at what matters to you using  The mwah. mini journal   or go deeper on what matters and your career purchase the full mwah. journal now available in digital format! 

Staying Connected

Staying connected is about the most important, and often most simple things that are matter yesterday, today and tomorrow – whatever the world looks like. Take a look at what really matters, and how you can get connected or keep connected in a really great way.

Start Here – What matters most and what can you do about it? When the world changes, what stays the same

Got 10 Minutes? – What are some of the practical things you can do to cultivate and keep those important relationships at work?

How to create an urban family at work

Take Action – As we meet in different ways and more than ever, keep connected in a great way by taking some time to plot a great meeting that creates values for everyone. Quick Meeting Planner 

We are here to help and support you – if there is something you’d really like to see us do or support you with then let us know! – send us your details below.