Things are changing. These metrics are no longer answering some of the increasingly important and challenging questions facing organisations like:

  • Are we doing the right thing by our people and team?
  • What are our risks and are we mitigating them?
  • Are our people and culture a competitive advantage?
  • Who are we including and who is not thriving here?

To understand any complex system you need to measure the different elements of the system and how they interact and mesh with one another. This is a conversation that moves beyond HR and into how you can map, measure and create deep insights into what makes your culture tick and stick.

We have been partnering with leading thinkers to get to the heart of what really matters at work. Following the largest study of work in Australia in conjunction with BankWest Curtin Economics Centre, the aptly named ‘Happy Worker’s Report’, we’ve been applying these insights to find new ways to map organisational culture.

The Belonging Index

This measurement of whether a culture is working for people has developed into a body of research around ‘Belonging’. We know from research that a feeling of belonging leads to confidence, trust, collaboration and the building of thriving individuals, teams and organisations.

From this research the Belonging Index© emerged. This proprietary index and tool offers a unique way to gain insights into and to explore the different aspects that shape and bind your people and culture.

Alongside this measurement tool we offer two other complimentary measurement tools. These include:

Diversity and Inclusion Identity Index:

Being strategic around diversity and inclusion starts with knowing who’s on your team, and how they identify.

Privilege Index: 

An ASX aligned index for addressing privilege and socio-economic diversity

The Culture Dashboard

You new way to measure and map culture.

As the beating heart of mwah. The Culture Dashboard will give you the ability to bring all of your P&C and D&I data into one place. This integrated, interactive dashboard provides technology-enabled deep human insights into the complex system that is your culture.

Set for full release at the end of 2020 the Culture Dashboard is set to disrupt how you’ve thought about previously measuring your people and culture. To learn more and to get an early release demo of this Dashboard contact our team.

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