Moving Beyond Engagement Scores

For nearly 30 years we’ve looked to Engagement as the measure of organisational culture – an odd set of questions, more aligned to productivity (doing more with less) than anything to do with the complex system that is people and culture.

In the past, the mwah. Team have all run large ‘employee surveys’ in organisations across the world. In running these we all came to the conclusion – there has to be a better way?

Culture is not a score, it’s a complex system!

Today, conversations around culture are maturing. Organisations are starting to appreciate both the cost of a poor culture (e.g., Royal Commissions) and the value of a great culture.

As a diagnostic tool, mwah. has been developing the Culture Dashboard over the last four years. Conscious of the inadequacy of Engagement as a measure of culture (outside of its direct relationship to productivity), we consciously looked for different insights which matured the conversation around culture.

We wanted a data set that was:

  • Not gameable, not competitive
  • Provided useable insights to individuals, teams and organisations
  • Allowed for real time and easily accessible data
  • Was logically efficient and fun to do
  • Changed the conversation around culture, so that it is better understood as a potential organisational advantage or strength to be actioned and addresses as a core component of organisational strategy

What is the Culture Dashboard? 

The mwah. Culture Dashboard is a fully-integrated people and culture companion. Evolving from two large research projects with the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre, the Culture Dashboard moves beyond engagement to exploring your people and culture as a complex human system and integrating that information into one interactive dashboard. 

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ culture. Instead, there are nuances that make organisations stick together better than others and insights that leaders need to know to ignite what’s unique and working in their own culture. The different indices on the Culture Dashboard combine to make it simple to explore what’s contributing to creating an organisational culture in which people feel they belong and are accountable to the collective.

To find out more about the different data points that combine to create the Culture Dashboard contact our team for a demo.

Get started with the Belonging and Diversity Index

Forming the basis for the Culture Dashboard, the Belonging Index provides a unique way of looking at whether culture is working for people, and specifically whether they feel they ‘Belong’ and are able to thrive. This Index will give you individual, team and organisation-wide access to data on the impact and importance of key variables such as learning, growth, safety and fairness on your team. 

In addition, this data can also be split by every diversity aspect using our proprietary Identity Census. This gets to the heart of diversity and identity in your organisation.

It’s now more important than ever to get real data that reflects whether your people and the diverse groups in your organisation feel that they:

  • Belong
  • Are safe
  • Have meaningful relationships
  • Are contributing to the organisation
  • Are treated fairly
  • Have an equal chance of success
  • Are accountable to others in the team
  • Are incentivised by the things that matter
  • Feel a sense of purpose in what they are doing

This is why we’ve created these tools. The next step in understanding diversity and inclusion is not just about head count. It’s about giving individuals the ability to share and weight what aspects of their identity and diversity are important to them. With the Belonging Index you can now have access to that data at your fingertips in real-time. 

From this research the Belonging Index© emerged. This proprietary index and tool offers a unique way to gain insights into and to explore the different aspects that shape and bind your people and culture.

Alongside this measurement tool we offer two other complimentary measurement tools. These include:

Diversity and Inclusion Identity Index:

Being strategic around diversity and inclusion starts with knowing who’s on your team, and how they identify.

Privilege Index: 

An ASX aligned index for addressing privilege and socio-economic diversity

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