Culture is a complex system. We’ve built the platform that brings it all together.

Culture is hard to measure, but it’s one of your most important assets. That’s why we created the mwah. Culture Dashboard.

Our platform goes beyond engagement scores and single-metric measures to give you deep insights into your organization’s culture. We track identity, belonging, and social maps to help you identify risks and opportunities.

The mwah. Culture Dashboard is your fully integrated People & Culture companion. It’s built on extensive research and industry experience, and it’s designed to help you create a culture where everyone belongs.

Unlock the power of your culture with the mwah. Culture Dashboard.


Culture is a complex human system, not a score. Unlock culture insights.

Create practical insights with business impact.

Understand what drives your people

There is no ‘perfect culture’. Instead learn and unlock what matters to your people so that you can understand the strengths, opportunities and risks that exist in your culture, both from an aggregate and geographic perspective.

Unlock the power of Belonging on D&I

Move beyond D&I ‘head count’. Map and weight your Diversity statistics against Belonging variables to know what matters to your different groups, how they see themselves and how they want to work.

Track and implement the impact of your people strategy

Yearly or biannual measurement, to track the shifting culture data, to spot alignment, discrepancies and opportunities for improvement.

Make culture conversations for everyone

With individual, team and organisation-wide data, give your people the confidence and language to join a mature and evidence-based conversation around culture.

Onboard leaders to join the culture conversation

Allow new leaders and executives to efficiently gain insights into the geographic and aggregate culture they are joining, to determine the most effective way to lead, alongside the key employees to meet that are the decision-makers and holders of culture.

Find your unsung heroes

Unearth the people who hold your culture and make it stick. It’s not just leaders who create culture movements – learn who are the people creating and leading your teams, and role modelling culture at its best.

Clear & insightful for leaders

Easy & enjoyable for employees

Moving Beyond Engagement Scores

For nearly 30 years we’ve looked to Engagement as the measure of organisational culture – an odd set of questions, more aligned to productivity (doing more with less) than anything to do with the complex system that is people and culture.

In the past, the mwah. Team have all run large ‘employee surveys’ in organisations across the world. In running these we all came to the conclusion – there has to be a better way?

Culture is not a score, it’s a complex system!

Today, conversations around culture are maturing. Organisations are starting to appreciate both the cost of a poor culture (e.g., Royal Commissions) and the value of a great culture.

As a diagnostic tool, mwah. has been developing the mwah. Culture Dashboard over the last four years. Conscious of the inadequacy of Engagement as a measure of culture (outside of its direct relationship to productivity), we consciously looked for different insights which matured the conversation around culture.

We wanted a data set that was:

  • Not gameable, not competitive
  • Provided useable insights to individuals, teams and organisations
  • Allowed for real time and easily accessible data
  • Was logically efficient and fun to do
  • Changed the conversation around culture, so that it is better understood as a potential organisational advantage or strength to be actioned and addresses as a core component of organisational strategy

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