Bullying: A different approach – Webinar recording
May 8th, 2018
Bullying devastates lives, destroys companies and is becoming more prevalent in our workplaces. 

We looked at why bullying happens in the first place, why typical workplace responses just don’t work to ensure peoples’ psychological safety at work, and what better approaches to this endemic problem might look like.

Flexible Work Webinar Recording
6th June 2018: 
How to get it and how to confidently lead it.

In this webinar, we look at the current state of flexibility in Australia – where it’s working well, where there’s still (a lot of) work to do and what the workforce of the future will look like if we get this right. How people can create the type of working arrangements that help make their life ‘work’. And importantly – how great leaders lead flexibility really well.

Breakfasts Breakouts
A great way to network with like-minded individuals ready to make a real change to the way we work. Join our community here.

Stop Firing Pregnant Women
Rhonda Brighton Hall talks on the Today show about how hundreds of mums are made redundant whilst on maternity leave (read our article here).

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