The Future of Work

We do a lot of work on the future of work – redesigning and rethinking work. As part of that work, we work with some great partner organisations who are at the top of their game.

Equal Reality are world leaders in Virtual Reality, and one of our most treasured partners.

Areas in which we can help train your team

Leadership | Gender Diversity | Disability Inclusion | Cultural Inclusion | Sexual Harassment | Bullying

Why is Virtual Reality so important for the future?

  1. VR is where all learning will go, and quite quickly. It has two clear, very practical uses already: It will completely replace e-learning (which most people hate and is largely ineffective) and it triggers an openness to learning and connecting, which is a great foundation for all sorts of other learning media (e.g., on-the-job, face-to-face, and 1-on1 mentoring).

    VR allows you to experience walking in someone else’s shoes,
    feeling a lived experience different than your own.

  2. To create a learning environment that works, you need first to pattern-interrupt the usual way learning is delivered. It needs to be unexpected, fun, and make you curious. VR does that! Combined with really great learning design, it can be a game changer. Immerse the person in a new place and idea – a new experience –  and then take the learning into a much deeper conversation than is possible if we’re already reeling from greater insight and deeper personal awareness.
  3. VR is one of the friendliest and most fun of the technologies we have at our disposal. We really believe that the best possible future of work (and possibly society) is the connection of deep humanity and technology. Rather than use technology to control and manipulate, as we have for so long, we should lean in, be on the front foot, and think about the design of technology to support humanity. VR is one of the bridges to the future.

Why Equal Reality (and not the other VR companies that approached us)

  1. Values alignment – Equal Reality and mwah. were both established to make change. At the foundation of both companies is inclusion. When the fundamental purposes of your businesses align, you’re in the best possible place.
  2. Equal Reality are the best at what they do. They’re craftsmen/women always challenging their own work to be better, to be world class. We do the same. The details and nuances are often the difference in the human experience of your work. We like people who care as deeply about that as we do.

Implementation – The worlds best content, ready for your team.

Learn from the workshops in person about virtual reality.

Custom training

Work with us to build and deliver your tailor-made training focusing on what is important to you.

Push the boundaries – with our partner Equal Reality we are developing the future of training and work, join us in pushing the bleeding edge.

How to get started?

Book a Demo with mwah.

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Future of Work Report

mwah. and Curtin University are excited to share the Future of Work in Australia – Preparing for tomorrow’s world report first with the mwah. Community.

 This report examines the way in which the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia.

Diversity and Inclusion Identity Index:

Being strategic around diversity and inclusion starts with knowing who’s on your team, and how they identify.

It would be so easy if we fitted into neat boxes, but we don’t.

We’re not solely ‘male, female or non-binary’, we’re also an age, an ethnicity (or three), a socio-economic background, a sexual orientation, a religion, varying levels of  physical and neurodiversity, a set of life responsibilities and choices, a series of political or social opinions, and a whole host of life experiences and history.

Read more about it here.

Privilege Index:

An ASX aligned index for addressing privilege and socio-economic diversity.

We’ve long understood that the privilege we’re born with, or grow-up with, has an enormous long term impact on your success.

We now know, courtesy of five years of data, that this is absolutely true.

Then organisations started talking about the silent ‘diversity agenda’ and socio-economic diversity. While this conversation has only just begun, it’s growing fast.

Read more about it here.