WE’VE FINALLY SAID”YES!” – Join the mwah. Tribe

mwah. Tribe

WE’VE FINALLY SAID”YES!” – Join the mwah. Tribe

When we started mwah, we had a dream that we’d gradually build a tribe of really amazing people who wanted to change the way we work, and do HR differently. We saw it being built through a new ‘way of working’, which takes a lot of science and research, and boils it down to genuinely make the people practices in a business as simple, as human, and as useful as they possibly can be, in easy alignment with business and customers.

Well, ‘gradual’ turned out to the dream bit. It’s happening much faster than planned.
We’re constantly asked not just for the materials, but also to embed ‘mwah team’ into businesses.

And that means we need to fast-track tribe building.

If you think you’re our tribe, and want to join the mwah. team, we have businesses who need you all over Australia! We will train you in the mwah. way of working, make sure you have a Bat Phone to support you every day on every topic, and we’ll commit to putting you into great clients who genuinely want to make work absolutely human. You’ll be getting the fundamentals of HR right, but more so, you’ll be coaching leaders and employees on all the people stuff. We have opportunities available at all career levels, in a variety of capacities (full time, part time and contract) with flexible work options available. In short, if you have the passion and talent, we will have an opportunity that will work for you.

As you’d expect, we don’t run a ‘normal’ recruitment process, but rather we want to hear your story and why you’re up for this work.

Simply click here to get started!

Sonja Ankucic

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