Knowing and caring about what is truly important to the business clarifies what needs to be sustained and the value inherent in the exisiting culture

 Producing a report with an assessment of the current culture is a waste of time; the business needs to be  deeply engaged in the process honouring what currently works

 Ultimately shifts happen within the day to day operation of the business – it is the consultants role to guide and design interventions, not to lead them

 Get in touch today to explore the strategic questions you currently face and how culture change may support your business

Typical Offering

 We work with you to link your  strategic questions to your existing and new culture. We then support you to gather a group of stakeholders together who have a vested interest in the outcome.

 With your key stakeholders we gather rich, qualitative data to develop a culture framework of the existing and new culture using intuitive presence combined with a sophisticated matrix of assessment lenses (e.g spiral dynamics, systemic patterns, lines of development, etc)

 Together we design a series of interventions to be conducted by stakeholder groups within the business to move to the new culture

 After delivering a series of interventions stakeholder groups gather data to assess how well the new culture  is being lived and how it’s supporting the strategic direction

Typical Outcomes

 Moving the culture from enrolment in the vision to a whole hearted commitment to a bigger more audacious purpose, grounded in the business reality

 Developing a culture which is genuinely tolerant of failure and open to experimentation where new ideas, innovation and prototyping naturally emerge

 Moving from being suspicious of difference to recognising its value and embracing it at all levels

Article written by Aine Watkins