It’s Valentine’s day today and so we thought we’d chat about love – not the kind where you need a partner but self-love.

When we talk about self-love we don’t mean having an ego so big that no one else can interact with you and even fit in the room with you, or that you only ever enjoying being by yourself or with your pets.

It really means being comfortable about who you are – comfortable in your own skin and owning ‘you’.

Here’s a few thoughts we had in our office about self-love:

  1. Own your journey and the experiences – each and every one of us has had their own journey and experiences. We’ve all made mistakes and learnt from them – don’t beat yourself up, take the learning and run with it. Remember, no-one is perfect.
  2. Reframe your language – often we are our own worse critics – try to use language that builds you up not tears you down. Be kind to you.
  3. Take time out for yourself – take a walk, read the book you’ve been dying to read for ages, see a movie, eat out, do something that makes you smile. Taking the time to stop and refresh is so important to keep your energy levels high.
  4. Start a journal – track how you are doing and set yourself some goals. Here at mwah. we have a fabulous journal that we use to self-reflect, set goals and really challenge ourselves. Monitor how you are tracking and keep yourself buoyant.
  5. No two people are alike – you are unique and we are all diverse. We all have individual traits, qualities and personalities, those little quirks that make you ‘you’ and me ‘me’. When you accept who you are and can be who you are, then you won’t want to compare or copy anyone else.

When you love who you are you start to appreciate who you are and your confidence will soar – start today and see the impact!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you. Shout aloud, I am glad to be what I am” Dr Seuss