This series is for you if you are designing or responsible for implementing a health and wellness program for your organisation or community.

Doing your best to keep your people healthy and thriving is a no brainer. The healthier and more connected your teams are, the more likely they are to stay, to share, to trust, to create and also to play their part in creating a great culture, which is critical to doing great business.

If the ‘why’ is clear, the next question is how do you create workplaces that set people up for success? That is what this series is all about. We’ve partnered with Kinex Health, experts in health and wellness programs to share with you the key ingredients to kick start or build on your current health and wellness program.

Each episode contains a video and related resource, to guide you in starting to build your own health and wellness program.

What you’ll learn:
– What makes a great health and wellness program
– The true benefits and related opportunity cost of your investment into this area
– The key ingredients you need to make your program efficient and effective
– Low-cost, high-value initiatives that will give you the biggest bang for your buck
– How your environment can set you up for success
– How to create mentally healthy workplaces