First Posted by Margie Hartley on 22 August 2017, on

How we work together to create positive results and relationships is my passion and my work.

I use the term Social Intelligence.

The ability to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social environments.  A learned skill that defines who we are.

Whether I am facilitating teams, coaching individuals, speaking at conferences or teaching coaching to leaders… I am finding that people are increasingly more connected through technology and more disconnected at the same time. It is now possible for us to work together and collaborate more quickly with more people on multiple projects than ever before, but this connectedness can feel shallow and superficial and actually cause competitive tension. 

Working effectively with others is more important than ever.

Working out HOW you do this is essential for positive results and positive relationships.

You can start by doing this one activity…

Set yourself a goal each morning to concentrate on your relationship with someone in your team or network. We usually set goals about our outcomes or tasks, so try setting relationship goals and action these with quality conversations.