Workplace Flexibility

There has never been a better time to think about workplace flexibility.  It’s a great way to run a business and cater to each and every member of your team. But before we dive into why workplace flexibility is a good idea, let’s explore what workplace flexibility is as a concept.

Workplace flexibility is the ability of employees and organisations to make choices about when people work, where they work, and for how long they work.

Often people just think about part-time hours or working from home when they consider flexible work. But it is so much more.

It includes reduced hours, job-sharing, casual hours, flexible starting and finishing times, rostered days off, unpaid leave, and access to different paid leave and flexible hours worked per week. It may also include compressed work hours per week, annualised hours, part-year employment, taking leave in part days, contract work or consulting, working non-traditional hours, secondments, phased retirement and the purchase of additional leave.

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