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This facilitation guide template prompts you on what to prepare for pre, during and post the session. Consider your objectives and the Outcomes, Make keynotes and record actions and follow-ups. It’s a great sheet to keep as a record so you can remember what you did in the previous session and it helps you avoid duplication of the same stimulus.

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This facilitation guide template will help you to communicate effectively with your team.
Here are the five most important things to remember about facilitating:

  1. As the Facilitator, you are managing the process, not the content – and therefore, not contributing ideas
  2. You have to provide absolute clarity on what the meeting is about and what contribution you want the attendees to make, as well as noting the actions you will all take away from the meeting
  3. You need to record every idea and suggestion that the people in the room generate
  4. You need to actively listen
  5. You need to manage the room in terms of dynamics and energy

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