We know it happens.

The news is once again full of stories of alleged misconduct, and inappropriate behaviour. The world is also full of stories of couples who have met at work.

So how do you navigate this tricky question?
On one side, I hear you ask, what is the problem? These are consenting adults and don’t lots of people meet their partners at work? You can’t stop people from falling for each other, it happens. Yes, it happens, work is just another social setting where people meet and form friendships – relationships are part of that reality.

But when is it not ok? Is there a line between appropriate and inappropriate relationships? This is not a completely black and white topic, and indeed it has generated much discussion by everyone at mwah.

When is the office romance not ok?

We’ve created a practical guide and checklist to consider in the workplace.

Navigating Workplace Relationships – Red Rose or Red Flags?

Disclosure, safety, power and integrity. This week we’re tackling some of the big questions that sit around workplace relationships.

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