At mwah. we are always looking at trends around work and we’ve started doing some big thinking.

Looking at trends around the future of work and future of leadership, there’s some really great stuff being thought of and designed, but there’s also a lot of clips of robots. Whether you’re excited about robots or overwhelmed even thinking about their impact, there is a limit to how far ‘watching robot videos’ is going to take us.

With mwah.’s Big Thinking we want to really challenge the future of work, the future of leadership, the future of careers, the future of learning, the future of flexibility, the future of organisations, the future of diversity, the future of work culture, the future of workplaces…in fact, we want to challenge the thinking around everything that impacts the way we work.

We want to talk ‘in system’ – how to make to things better than they are – and ‘out of system’ – challenge ways we could design a better system for all of us.

How are we doing ‘Big Thinking’ at Work, 3 things–

  1. We’re sponsoring research, especially on the hard topics. Our first piece of serious original research will be released in mid-March 2017.

  2. We’re thinking originally. We’ve chosen an awesome ‘Table of Ten’ and each of them is already rethinking work, society, and how it all comes together. We’ll be publishing their thinking, and hoping it moves the debate on the future of work forward to a whole lot better place.

  3. We’re searching the world, and finding really cool new ideas and practical ways to rethink everything related to work, and especially ways to make work absolutely human.

As our community grows, we know that we’ll be working alongside lots of you who are like-minded – that equally love this debate and are full of ideas about how leadership, workplaces, and all things related to work, could be better.

We look forward to sharing your ideas across the whole community as well.