Quick take: What you need to know 

  • As an employee, discussions around performance are key to understanding your personal contribution as well as your impact on the contributions of the team and the organisation.
  • As a leader, a great conversation around performance gives you the opportunity to set expectations, give and receive feedback, and plan ahead for the growth of the individual, the team and the business.
  • One simple tool will help leaders manage performance: the mwah. Guide for Performance Conversations. We recommend you use this Guide to conduct Performance Conversations with every individual at least every six months.
  • Download the Performance Management Template here.
  • The mwah. Process for Managing Performance works across every part of a business, big and small. As a leader, you can use exactly the same Guide when talking with a whole team about performance as you do with individuals.
  • Our Keeping Track of Performance Template looks at the next stage of managing your career or that of your employees.

These templates are all included in a mwah. Membership

The basics: The mwah. Process for Managing Performance

Managing performance is fundamentally about how we go about doing great work together. It’s about setting expectations and letting people know how they’re doing —both at an individual level and also across a whole team. This is a critical process to get right so that teams can work together as effectively as possible and positively impact the business and the wider community. That’s why Managing Performance is one of our five Signature Core People Processes. The others are Recruitment, Reward, Change, and Talent.