Quick take: What you need to know

  • Recruitment refers to the entire process of bringing a new person onto a team, from identifying a vacancy right up to onboarding a new hire.
  • The mwah. Process for Recruitment focuses on making the best match between the person, the job, the team, and the company so that every stakeholder is set up for a great future working together.
  • Recruitment of the right people doesn’t need to be complex and time-consuming. Our signature process is super simple and easy to use–and importantly, it works!

The basics: The mwah. Process for Recruitment

Recruitment refers to all of the steps you need to take in order to bring a new person onto a team. This includes everything from identifying a vacancy in the team, designing the job to be done, searching for a pool of candidates, and selecting the right individual, right up to onboarding the new employee so they hit the ground running.

Recruitment is a big part of the people stuff that is really important to get right. A great approach to recruitment helps you connect with the people who will work with you, the team and the company to:

  • create and maintain a great culture
  • produce great results
  • add new thinking, ideas and ways of contributing.